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Thursday, 3 March 2016

1960's personality Knitting pattern


Model Sandra Paul chose to do a 3 week course at the Lucy Clayton modelling school and hoped to make her way as a model.  She was sent to see the famous photographer Norman Parkinson in place of a girl who fell ill, the photographer liked her and within a couple of months Sandra featured in Vogue magazine. Later in her career she decided to review children's books for the Spectator magazine and had a regular column in Harper's bazaar and has written freelance fashion and beauty articles.

Sandra married former conservative party leader Michael Howard in 1975.
She has written five novels, the most recent, "Tell the Girl",  which was published on 3 July 2014.
She made a brief foray back to her modelling career in the 1990s by posing for Marks & Spencer catalogues.

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  1. Who'd have guessed? My music teacher at school appeared on one as a sweet little boy - I saw him in quite a different light after his daughter brought it to school and showed us all.