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Monday, 12 July 2010

Past Present Future - it's a gift at Age Of Aquarius

Never mind an Octopus named Paul being a psychic prophesier.. there is much to be said for trying a bit of prognosticating yourself!

At least, you have four years till the next world cup to practice your skills!

Cast your eye over the AgeOfAquarius and you will see it all clearly.... New Age, Metaphysical, Spiritual, Pagan and Goddess related offerings....

Destiny awaits... at www.specialistauctions.com!

Lucky Japanese Cash Coin x3 Iching I Ching Divination Fortune Telling £1.99

Three Japanese cash coins called "Go-En". These are great prosperity and luck coins for keeping in your purse to increase your financial flow $ >> £ >> >> or for using in I ching fortune readings. "Go-en" is the Japanese word for "Fate" or "Good Luck". For this reason the coin is thought to be the luckiest and people keep it for that good reason and many give this auspicious offering when praying at temples and shrines.

You can also tell your fate and fortune with either Japanese or Chinese cash coins using the ancient system for fortune telling called the I Ching. For that you need three 'cash' coins - the ones with a hole in the middle, as we have here!

Others might just hold out for a miracle though.. and this religious charm is a favourite of many...

Old Aluminium Miraculous MEDAL Aluminium Mary Catholic Immaculate Conception £0.99

For wearing around the neck, or indeed for a rosary. The text around the edge is in Latin. Regina sine labe originali concepta O.P.N. [Ora Pro Nobis] Queen conceived without original sin [Pray For Us]

This is the Miraculous medal, also known as the Medal of the Immaculate Conception - it is called this because of three apparitions that were said to have been given to Sister/Saint Catherine LabourĂ© in 1830. The story tells that a vision of a child (said perhaps to have been a guardian angel) woke her and summoned her to the chapel, where upon she met and conversed with the Virgin Mary. Mary told her that should would be giving her a mission. In a later vision Mary said: “Have a medal struck upon this model. Those who wear it will receive great graces, especially if they wear it around the neck.”

The first Medals were made in 1832 and were distributed in Paris, France. It was reported that almost immediately the blessings that Mary had promised began to shower down on those who wore her Medal. The devotion spread like wildfire. Marvels of grace and health, peace and prosperity, following in its wake. Before long people were calling it the “Miraculous” Medal - hence its name today.


Or you could pick up a beautiful Tarot deck and see what your spread reveals....

Medicine Woman Tarot Deck Native American Visionary Cards £9.99

The images are in the Native American fashion. Carol Bridges, the artist has created a postive, harmonic deck that with its gentle pastle drawings, gives all due reverance to the American Indian traditions.


Failing that, you could just relax, sit back and light some of the best incense in the world.. saying... "Whatever dude!"

Nag Champa Worlds Best Incense Satya Sai Baba £0.99


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