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Friday, 30 December 2011

Christmas 2011 and New Year 2012 Greetings!

The host of this blog asked me recently to share any photographs that I have of my Christmas. So here they are... I have nothing to sell, just some images to share... that might bring you pleasure.

I live in Lapland, Finland, although I am British. My decorations are a mix of both cultures, where wooden elves and straw decorations are more in keeping with the season and less is more.

The English side of me however, has twinkling tree lights on my indoor tree...something not on sale locally...and I purchase from the UK instead. :D

Outside we have snow of course and our outdoor Christmas tree with static green lights. Very calm.

With candle decor, created by a cone of snowballs with a candle in the middle.

A large wooden elf by our doorway

....and a metal cut out lantern hanging from the Pine tree.

A peeking elf by the front door.

Plus a wreath on the door.

We can get so much snow that the council tractor comes most days to clear it away. Today for instance we woke to a good foot of snow. These photo's of the tractor were taken on the 21st.

Indoors we have a traditional electrical candle set. This photo was taken from the outside and the reflections on the window made it look like a St.Lucia girl (a Dec 13th tradition in Finland and Sweden celebrating the return of light). She looks just like she is wearing the crown of light! You can also see an eery image of her smiling face! :D I love it! How magical!

Here it is from indoors...

These are in my kitchen. Traditional card cutouts of Tonttu's (Elves), log Tonttu's and straw Olkipukki goats. The Goats stem from distant tales of the God Thor riding across the Yule skies, his magical chariot being pulled by Goats called Tanngrisni "gap-tooth" and Tanngnost "tooth grinder". Over the centuries, it would seem that Thor became Santa... and Goats became Reindeer! However, Goats still feature strongly in Finnish and Swedish Christmas', by way of decorations and also on cards. Sometimes Santa is still seen with a Goat here!

Our Christmas table.

I have a number of decorations around the room...

A straw mobile, again with straw goats.

An old English Avon Nativity set.

An old singing Avon Snowman, again bought in England.

A reindeer fur covered Finnish Santa. Is this how he used to look, before he changed to wearing red and white?

Our Christmas tree indoors is a fake one, whereas the one outside is real. My eldest son wanted to decorate the tree this year and he loves red. I think he did a fine job!

Here are just some of the decorations on it....

A wooden elf figure.

I was given this heart as a present many years back by a Norwegian friend, one whom I have long lost contact with, (pre Facebook!) and every year, I place it at the core of the tree. :D

This year, I wrote each of our names on a bauble and the year with a gold felt pen. When Christmas is over we will all sign each others, as a reminder that we were all together for this Christmas and keep the bauble. Our sons now live away, as they are in education, so who knows what next year will bring, when they are already 19 and 21 years old? I hope we will be celebrating together again next Christmas though! :D

May I wish you all Season's Greetings.... Merry Christmas (Hyvää Joulua) and a Happy New Year (Onnellista Uutta Vuotta) from Sodankylä, Lapland in Finland.


  1. Wow what a great blog, thank you very much for this. As you probably know we have had rain rather than snow in the UK this year.

    Have a great New Year :)

  2. You're welcome, I enjoyed doing it.. it has been a long while since I blogged anywhere! x

  3. Btw... did you spy your christmas card to me in this blog? :D

  4. What a lovely feature. I enjoyed seeing all of your beautiful decorations. I just recently heard about the significance of the straw goats on Radio 4, so it was nice to see them 'in action'.