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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Stuffed toy patterns!

Create your own unique stuffed toys!  Toy patterns include instructions and pattern pieces to create your own stuffed animals, raggedy dolls and other soft toys.

Shop stuffed toy patterns

stuffed toy patterns
stuffed toy patterns

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Handmade Gifts For Spring

Here are a small sample of the handmade items in my Folksy shop: Fire Horse Textiles. I include some re-purposed fabrics in almost all of my art and craft pieces and the combination of fabrics used will be unique to that piece.

Hexagon Pin Cushion, £19.00

Heart Flowers Textile Picture, £25.00

Little Four Patch Textile Brooch, £10.00

Green Union Jack Patchwork Small Wall Hanging, £39.00

Stripy Rail Fence Quilt, £250.00

And please look out for the Three Woodland Friends buttons that I stock, which will be appearing in a forthcoming issue of Make It Today magazine!

Three Woodland Friends Buttons, £3.00

To see all of the items that I currently have for sale, please visit Fire Horse Textiles on Folksy or Etsy.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Plush Crayons!

Sew Cute sewing patterns to create plush crayons in all sorts of shapes and sizes!  13, 36 and 55 inches of plushie color!  Make awesome kids room decor.  Perfect homemade gift for both boys and girls.

Kids of all ages will love their giant plush crayon friends.  36" inches long when finished. Create one in their favorite color or create a whole crayon box!  Pattern includes pattern pieces, instructions and templates to create 5 different faces.  Instructions include photos to help you sew your crayon pal.

Finished versions of the crayon pal are also available to purchase!

plush crayons
36" crayon pal

plush crayon
36" crayon pal
36" crayon buddy

Add some color to any kid's room!  13" crayons made fun cuddly toys.  Create one in every color!

plush crayons
13" plush crayon

plush crayon
55" plush crayon