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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Vintage Glass Buttons and More!

Hello Everyone! Hope you are all enjoying your Bank Holiday weekend : )

Here are some new finds from Love Buttons HQ:-

These pretty pistachio green, vintage glass buttons have a raised dot pattern, highlighted by gold lustre. They are available in a set of six for £3.00 at Love Buttons HQ and at Love Buttons on Etsy.

Shamrock leaf motifs are a charming accent in gold lustre on these vintage glass moonglow buttons. They have a satiny, green base, transparent domed front with a moulded leaf shape. They come in a set of four buttons for £4.00 at Love Buttons HQ and at Love Buttons on Etsy.

Finally, some beautiful mother of pearl, shell buttons. Some are in the natural iridescent shell colour, others have been dyed. All have incised scrolling patterns, highlighted in black. This mixed card of twelve buttons costs £2.65.

Over a thousand different buttons, starting at 2p each, to choose from in my shops:- * Love Buttons HQ * Love Buttons on Etsy * Love Buttons on Folksy * Love Buttons on MISI * Love Buttons HQ on Ebay *

This great mosaic starter kit is currently up for auction on Ebay - finishing on 31 August 2011. Starting price was 99p + postage. At the time of writing, it is at £1.20 + postage.

Grab yourself a bargain!

Monday, 22 August 2011

Dr Lovelaces Soap Souvenirs

 At www.specialistauctions.com  i have 2 Vintage Aluminum thimbles advertising Dr Lovelace's Soap. Both are in lovely condition, a memento of a bygone era.



On the canal bank at Clayton Le Moors in Lancashire was where the infamous  Dr Lovelace's Soap Factory stood.
In Victorian times the factory patented a bar of soap which floated in water therefore did not get lost in the bath!

I also found these soap related items at www.specialistauctions.com



Sunday, 21 August 2011

Button Bargains on Ebay

Morning all! Here are some gorgeous new buttons listed on Ebay at a fraction of their retail cost - many starting at 99p for six.

These large, coat-sized buttons are in the current fashion favourite - pale honeysuckle colour.

These fabulous metal buttons are ending today - but more will be relisted soon...

Some more coat-sized buttons. These are chunky, sew through buttons with grey marbled colouring.

Bright and colourful red corozo buttons.

White, large, coat-sized buttons. These are one of my best sellers.

I love these glossy, chunky black buttons with their minimalist design, and unusual, square hole accent.

If the thought of bidding is too much like hard work, don't forget that you can buy any of these buttons at my other online shops:- Love Buttons HQ; Love Buttons on Etsy; Love Buttons on Folksy and Love Buttons on Misi.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

Julia x

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Table Runner - Penny Rug Technique

This unique table runner is made using the traditional technique of 'penny rug' making. Small circles of wool (or wool mix) fabrics are hand sewn on top of each other, then mounted on a base fabric using blanket stitch. Finally, a backing piece and label are attached to the reverse.

In this piece I have used repurposed and auction find fabrics made from wool or wool mix. The base fabric is shaded from mid to dark grey. The 'pennies' alternate between yellow or mid grey at the base and in the middle, with navy or navy plaid centres. Tiny splashes of other colours show where the fabric has a checked pattern.

This one of a kind table runner is available for sale at my Fire Horse Textiles shop on Etsy.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Button Heaven

Bonjour mes amies!

Here are a small sample of the latest buttons added to Love Buttons HQ and Love Buttons on Etsy.

First up, a mixed card of vintage plastic buttons, mainly with stylised flower shapes. The colours are black, dark blue, deep azure blue, and forest green. This collection costs £3.50. If you prefer pastel shades (white, pink, blue), I have another, similar set for £3.75 here.

These pretty silver tone metal buttons are now sold. I also have a set of twelve, smaller buttons in gold tone metal, available here, for £4.00.

Finally, a set of six small Satsuma buttons. They are decorated with plant life in the form of acer or maple leaves. The background is the traditional cream-coloured pottery with 'Kannyu' cracks deliberately formed in the glaze. The leaves are rust-coloured and overlaid with gold lustre. This set of six buttons costs £15.00.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Posted by Julia of * Love Buttons HQ * Love Buttons on Etsy * Love Buttons on Folksy * Love Buttons on MISI *

Thursday, 4 August 2011

New Critter Patterns from Snowdrop Patterns!

Snowdrop Patterns features homemade rag doll and critter sewing patterns perfect for beginners!  Our rag dolls include fun nursery rhyme and storybook dolls.  Sewing patterns include instructions, pattern pieces and supply list to make your own critter.  Perfect handmade gift for any occasion! 

Our newest critter patterns include 5 Green & Speckled Frogs, Baby Octopus & Kittens in Mittens!  Visit us at www.snowdropshop.com to see our entire critter pattern collection!