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Sunday, 27 March 2016

Wade Whimsies - Collectable Animal Figurines

Did you collect these when you were younger? I did and my parents still have them on display.

There is a great website for checking which collection your figurine belongs to: My Wades World.

They are such cute, little animals and birds, with so many variations. I particularly like the early ones, which had more detailed modelling, and the dog ones.

Here are a sample from my shop:-

Hare from the British Wildlife 1980s series, £5.

Mole from the British Wildlife 1980s series, £4.50

Squirrel from the British Wildlife 1980s series, £4.50

Hedgehog dating to c.1960s/1970s, £5.00

Polar Bear 1956 First Series of Polar Animals, £25

Please visit my Fire Horse Vintage/Ceramics shop to see more Wade Whimsies and other lovely ceramics!

Which was your favourite Whimsie? Do you still collect them?

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