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Monday, 28 May 2012

Gwenda powder compact


Gwenda was the trademark of Hussey-Dawson of Birmingham, England., the company manufactured Gwenda compacts from the 1930's upto until the 1960's.

Gwenda compacts from the 1930's, although attractive were actually manufactured for the lower end of the market and so consequently many were thrown away.  Because of this today Gwenda compacts are highly sought after especially the more decorative ones.

Some are decorated with butterfly wing which is subject to decay, but most are decorated with coloured foil. Known as flap tap or flapjack the compact has a black edged sifter for powder, some like the one i have forsale have a detachable lipstick holder.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Morning Folks! I hope you are enjoying our lovely hot weather :)

Here are some of the latest buttons added to Love Buttons HQ.

This charming 'kissing butterflies' belt clasp would make a pretty finishing touch to a summer outfit! It costs £4.00

These pretty, gold tone metal buttons are in the shape of a flower, decorated with beige enamel, with a rhinestone centre. They cost £3.25 for three buttons.

These lovely metal buttons from the London Badge & Button Company would be perfect for a dog lover's jacket or blazer. They cost £12.00 for the set of six.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, everyone.

Best Wishes - Julia of * Love Buttons HQ *

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The Stork Wartime Cookery Book

A softcover cookery book issued by  the Stork Margarine Company full of recipes and handy hints such as Stretching and shrinking your family meals, cooking in times of emergency and sauces to make your wartime food more interesting.

Chapters on what you can do if an air-raid warning interupts cooking, nourishing sandwiches for A.R.P workers, making cakes without currants and  puddings made without sugar.

Wartime treats - Navy, Army and Air Force cakes

Recipes for Sailors pie, sweetcorn & potato pie, savoury tripe casserole (sounds horrible) and sweetbreads & Brussels Sprouts!

Buy this collectable cookery book for only £3

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Have I Got Some Vintage News For You

On Sunday I met a lovely lady in a car park in York and swapped some portraits of the Queen for 4 feet of magazines.
There are over 150, and I'll be slowly listing them on the website, in the meantime email me if you are interested in Ideal Home (1955-79), Homes and Gardens (1955-83) and Housewife (1950-66) plus a few oddments.
Trying to persuade myself its summer.


Skirt Primark via ebay, Tshirt charity shop, bolero not sure, Rayne white lace shoes from pre-loved, hat from stock.

Have already spotted some great knitting patterns and frocks to blog over the next few weeks (months!)

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Collectible Kitchen Towels

Vintage kitchen towels have become quite popular collector items in recent years.  They are easy to care for, easy to store and have great variety.  Linen kitchen towels or tea towels to some, are bright, cheerful and can inspire a whole new look for your kitchen.  Some collectors choose towels by certain designers, makers or styles.  The choices are virtually endless.   Here is a small selection of some great linens I currently have available.

Art Deco items at V&M

In the middle column of this blog is a selection of art deco items available from some of our regular bloggers, if you wish to buy any of the items just click the photo, this will take you to the seller.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Vintage Flower Buttons

Morning all - from a rather grey and chilly Scotland!

Here are some mixed packs of vintage plastic buttons that I have recently made up. They come to you, sewn to a Love Buttons card, so make a pretty gift for friends who like sewing and crafts!

This first collection includes a little clover leaf, a jelly mould type, stylised flowers and pierced designs in white, shades of blue, pink and purple. They cost £3.35 for thirteen buttons.

This next pack comes in shades of grey with red and white. They cost £3.50 for fourteen buttons.

This next pack, includes white, cream, yellow, blue, pink and beige buttons. A small, antique tagua nut button, with pierced decoration is included (shown at the front in the photo below). They cost £3.25 for twelve buttons.

This final set includes buttons in cheerful golden yellow, bright red, green and brown. The large red button with white decoration is a French piece. This collection costs £5.00 for eighteen buttons. A similar set of seventeen buttons for £5.00 can be found here.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, folks!
Posted by Julia of * Love Buttons HQ *

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Pyrex Glass

Im sure many people of a certain age in the UK will remember these
Pyrex glasses  in  plastic holders, I remember them from the 1960's/1970's I also remember the pyrex glass ware such as dishes, plates cups etc.

Pyrex was developed by the American  Glassmaker Cornings in 1912. Borosilicate glass would not crack or shatter when put in the oven. I remember pyrex ware more often than not in a white colour with various patterns such as the one above, floral etc.
You will notice the back mark JAJ on many items, The initials stood for James A. Jobling. He accquired the rights to produce pyrex in 1922. His Factory was in Sunderland UK, Sadly this plant closed in 2007.

Below are 2 cups made in Holland which i think are probably copying the pyrex design.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Floral Buttons - Vintage and Modern!

Afternoon, Folks! I hope you are all enjoying the Bank Holiday weekend.

Here are some of the latest buttons added to Love Buttons HQ - all include a floral theme.

This first collection shows vintage buttons including stylised flowers, swirls, a clover leaf, a jelly mould type and pierced button. The buttons are supplied sewn to a modern card, so make a nice gift for a friend who enjoys sewing and crafts. They cost £3.35 for thirteen buttons

Another collection of vintage buttons in delicate shades of pink, white, cream and beige. These would look lovely in small clusters added to crocheted or knitted cushions, bags or lavender sachets. They cost £3.25 for twelve buttons, and will again come to you sewn to a Love Buttons card.

Lastly, some modern buttons in soft blue, white and yellow - very Spring-like! Available in a pack of sixteen buttons, with four each of the four colour combinations. These buttons cost £2.40 per pack.

Bye for now! Posted by Julia of * Love Buttons HQ *

Friday, 4 May 2012

Vintage crochet patterns with a touch of celebrity

Just listed is this fabulous vintage crochet pattern for a long line waistcoat I'm sure this would turn a few heads this Summer!

And the model on the crochet pattern below is Shakira Caine the wife of actor Michael Caine.

Visit my auctions (all buy it now) for knitting & sewing patterns, buttons & Buckles and much more

Thursday, 3 May 2012

My Charity Shop is now a Dress Agency

While out shopping several days ago i decided to visit a charity shop which i hadn't visited for a couple of years, probably because it was situated away from the town centre.
Well when i arrived there I discovered that it wasn't a charity shop anymore but a Dress Agency! offering top name shoes, handbags, and clothing. Number Forty Six charge 50% commission.
Is the Dress Agency making a comeback? Number Forty Six was renovated by the local Council a deco wallpaper designed by Wayne Hemingway now adorns the walls.
The shop also offers clothing repairs/alerations, dry cleaning, Ironing service, haberdashery and clothing printing.
Number 46 dress-agency
Photo above from the lancashire telegraph

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

John Kaldor fabricmaker Ltd

John Kaldor Fabricmaker UK Ltd was first established in 1978., within two years John Kaldor London was  supplying  companies such as Frank Usher and Marks & Spencer.
By 1980 the Company’s turnover had grown from zero to around £4 million, the company's London base was  now at 4 Great Portland Street, London.
John Kaldor Fabricmaker UK Ltd had now established itself as a supplier of quality fashion fabrics. It was also around this time that the Company joined the leading edge fabric trade show, Premiere Vision, which helped further sales and achieve a foothold into Continental Europe. This  resulted in establishing agents  in France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Austria, Hungary, Poland and Czech Republic.

At Ebay i have 2 yard of John Kardor polyester satin fabric for sale (Black & White Striped)