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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Shop at Ebid for bargins this Xmas


Tips for Buyers >>>>

Grab bargains on eBid. Sellers sell for less due to our zero fee environment.
Add your favourite searches and get emailed daily with the latest offers.
Look for BuyNow auctions to make immediate purchases.
Get a PPPay.com account to make use of the eBid Checkout system.
Can't find it? Just start a "Wanted" and sellers will bid for your business

Tips for Sellers >>>>

List for Free on eBid. There are NO Listing Fees.
Pay no Final Value Fees with the "Free" auction format.
Use the eBid Spreadsheet to upload thousands of items at once.
Sign up to PPPay.com to allow your buyers to pay for your items immeditaley.
Use "Auto Extend" to allow your auction to extend if a bidding war is going on.

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