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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Ebay alternatives Folksy handmade and supplies

Folksy in my opinion is the UK equivalent of the American site Esty.  A site where you can sell handmade gifts and craft supplies.

Fees - It costs 20p to list an item, and the listing will last for 180 days (approx 6 months) or until the item is sold.
There is a 5% commission on all sales, if you don't sell an item you are only charged for the listing fee.
Today it was announced - Folksy has passed the VAT threshold currently 20% consequently Folksy sellers will start to see the 20% VAT on their bills starting in November 2011. Folksy suggest that sellers may want to pass this small increase on in the price of their items.

So basically its:-
20p to list an item
5% commision
20% VAT
paypal fees

How will these increases affect sellers?

Thoughts please

1 comment:

  1. I use Etsy, Folksy and Misi as well as Ebay occasionally. My favourite site is Etsy, because it is so well laid out, easy to list and search for items. The downside is that it is now so huge that you can have a job to get seen on it unless you list regularly. Of the UK sites, I prefer Folksy, although, as a supplies seller, I think they need to make searching for supplies far easier. After all, we pay 20p to list an item just like 'handmade' sellers. I have found the administrative help available on Folksy is far superior to Misi, where I have had my messages asking for help completely ignored on four occasions. Very frustrating. As you say, we will just have to take the price increases into account when pricing our goods on there. I must admit that it can get very expensive when selling lower-priced items such as buttons!