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Monday, 12 April 2010

Reindeer - Not just for Christmas!

Rudolph hangs out ALL year round.. not just at Christmas!
Beautiful is the Reindeer no matter what the season!

UNIQUE Birch Wood Postcard FATHER CHRISTMAS Santa & Reindeer Sleigh Lapland £1.75

GREAT for framing, due to its unique manufacture! Printed directly onto a thin slice of Finnish Birch wood, so it has real substance. You can see the colour, grain and shading of the wood! Really different! A photograph of Santa deep in the Lapland forest with his Reindeer pulling his sleigh. How cool is that?

Visit ROVANIEMI Tourist Board Advert Reindeer POSTCARD Lapland Finland UNUSED £1.00

A beautiful and unusual postcard of reindeer by a lake - typical Finnish countryside landscape art, from the Rovaniemi Tourist Board, marked Fahlenius. "Visit Finnish Lapland and its capital ROVANIEMI".

Regal Reindeer Photographic POSTCARD Lapland Finland UNUSED £1.00

Lovely frameable postcard. A classic photograph of a Finnish Reindeer.

UNIQUE manufacture Finnish BIRCH Wood POSTCARD Autumn Lapland REINDEER £1.75

This is another of those unusual postcards with the unique manufacture process! Printed directly onto a thin slice of Finnish Birch wood. Its not paper or card - it's wood! You can see the colour, grain and shading in the wood slice! This Reindeer rests in a colourful meadow during Ruska - (Autumn time) in Finland. Finnish Autumns are amongst the most colourful in the world!

Unusual animal POSTCARD Eye of a Reindeer - Caribou £1.00

A really unusual close up of a Reindeers face and eye!

www.specialistauctions.com/shops/NorthPolePostcards for more postcards being released from my personal collection. Images of Lapland, Finland. New, Old, Used and Vintage! Santa, Saami, Reindeer, Huskies, Lapland, Shaman and interesting cultural cards etc a speciality!

The vast majority of my postcards are one offs, not held in duplicate, so if you see something you like, grab it whilst you can - because once it is gone - it IS gone!

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